The Best Sunday Roast – Lovejoys at The George

The traditional Sunday roast dinner has a special place in our hearts, and it isn’t hard to see why it is a longstanding favourite. We can’t think of anything better than sitting down to a restaurant-cooked roast dinner with friends and family. Check out below what we think makes the perfect restaurant roast.

A variety of succulent meats
The meat is the crowning glory of the roast dinner and it is important to have a variety of mouth-watering meats to choose from. Traditional favourites like roast sirloin of beef and leg of lamb are on our menu all year round but we are proud of our seasonal offerings such as festive turkey. Being nestled in the Essex countryside we find that seasonal game is very popular. All of our meats are locally sourced, of high quality and cooked to perfection.

Perfect potatoes
Some would argue that roast potatoes are just as important as the meat that is served with your Sunday dinner, as they can make or break a roast. Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside a roast dinner just wouldn’t be the same without perfect potatoes. We’re very proud of our roast potatoes here at Lovejoys at The George and we can’t wait for you to try them.

Fresh seasonal vegetables
We love the freshness and colour that seasonal vegetables add to that roast dinner plate. New spring greens or juicy green beans are perfect for summer whilst we love parsnips in the winter. And, however controversial, a festive roast dinner would not be complete without Brussels sprouts.

Let’s get saucy
The right condiment can turn a good roast dinner into a great one, especially when the right sauce is paired with the meat to further bring out the flavour. When dining at Lovejoys at The George you can rest assured that you’ll always be offered the right sauce for your roast, whether that be fiery horseradish, fresh apple, tangy mint or sweet yet sour cranberry.

That perfect gravy
A roast dinner wouldn’t be the favourite that it is without gravy. We’re so proud of our delicious homemade gravy at Lovejoys at The George, a process that we start on a Thursday to get some great flavours ready for Sunday.

Bottoms up
The choice of drinks available can help make that Sunday roast perfect. Whether you enjoy a full-bodied red wine with your roast beef, or a refreshing white wine with your roast chicken, our wine list will have the perfect pairing to enjoy with your roast. If you prefer a cocktail (who doesn’t), beer, spirits or something softer Lovejoys at The George has a well-stocked bar to offer something to everyone’s tastes.

Accompanying starters and desserts
One of the joys of a restaurant-cooked roast dinner is the fact that you haven’t got to stress about things or spend hours preparing or cleaning up. Make use of this me by enjoying a delicious starter or luxury dessert (or both!) to really make that Sunday lunch perfect.

Vegetarian and Vegan Roasts, plus other dietary options. A roast dinner isn’t exclusively for meat eaters and a good restaurant knows that the Sunday roast dinner is a British classic that deserved to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their dietary requirements. Our vegan and vegetarian options include the classic nut roast with vegan gravy, vegetables and potatoes.

Lovejoys at The George can’t wait to welcome you for one of our Sunday roasts.