5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Great Event Venue

Choosing the right event venue in Essex can be a difficult task for many event organisers as the choice can become overwhelming with the different styles of party venue, the packages on offer and the sheer number of them. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of unique venues in Essex, but we’re here to help you decide what to consider, whether it’s an anniversary, christening, wake, corporate event or you’re looking for a birthday party venue.

As one of the top catering companies in Essex, we have provided our event catering services at many of the best wedding and event venues in Essex so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you choose the right venue.


You have found the event venue that’s suited for you so now you need to know whether the venue has availability on your chosen date. Having your heart set on a venue and later finding there is no availability can be disappointing so this should be the first thing you ask the venue and at the top of your list. Or accept that you will be flexible on your date.


Not all venues offer you exclusive hire and you could be sharing your venue with others. This might not be important to you but if it is then you need to find out whether your hire will be exclusive or not. At our event venue, Lovejoys at The George you can choose to have exclusive hire or just hire part of the venue so we have that flexibility for you.

Capacity and Layout

If you are considering a wedding breakfast for 150 people make sure your venue can accommodate this. Equally, if you are planning a more intimate affair then a venue with a 300 person capacity will make your guests look a little lost. If you are planning a more casual affair and are considering a barbecue, check with your venue that they are set up for this and there is enough space for the barbecue, the guests seating and any other outdoor activities. Your guests will likely be walking up to the buffet station to collect their food so you will need a venue with enough space to allow guests to walk around freely. 


Once you have an idea of what’s important to you, you need to set a budget. You don’t want to waste your time speaking with the venue and going to view them just to find out it’s way beyond your budget. Opting for a package deal, as we do at Lovejoys at The George, means you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Be careful of hidden extras such as hire charges and additional items. We’re very transparent with our pricing and don’t charge a hire fee. We like to go through the event thoroughly at the quote stage so there are no hidden extras.

Once you have a quote from the venue, decide whether this is still within budget. For most people budget is a key consideration and you will want to stick to it, especially at this early stage in your planning. Some venues will be flexible if you come back to them and offer alternatives if it doesn’t fit within your budget so it’s always worth asking.

Car Park

This might seem like a really boring point, however, ample parking is key when choosing your venue for your event. What are you going to do if your guests turn up and the car park is full? Will you then have to organise transport for them, which is another job for you? As boring as it sounds, an event venue with a large car park is key.

Whether you have an Essex wedding and event venue in mind or are still looking, get in touch with Joey and the team at Lovejoys at The George or Lovejoy Catering and Events and we can help you organise your event and discuss our wedding and event catering services. Our menus provide a variety of options for your event so whether you’re organising a wedding, birthday, anniversary, christening, corporate event or even a wake we have the experience and knowledge to adapt our venue, catering and service to your event.

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